Monday, March 16, 2009

68 Macon Street

This beautiful brick semi detached was probably built sometime in 1890s. The mix of neo-Romanesque and Queen Anne style architecture makes this house stand out from many others on this beautiful treeline Macon Street block. Located in the non landmark section of Bedford Stuyvesant his house was owned by the Stephen and Amelia Hoff at the turn of the 20th century. Before the Hoff's moved into this house it was rented out to the Walter family according to the 1900 census. The 1899 ad posted above from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle shows this house with the conservatory (which is still intact today) is in the "select" neighborhood of Bedford. Hopefully this pre-turn of the century home will be protected soon by being in the Bedford Historic District.

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  1. I know the man who owns this house, and I've been in it. He was raised in the house, and then moved away with his family as a teenager. 30 years later, he came back and bought it. When I lived in BS, this was my dream house that I wished for every day, as I went to the subway. Ah, well. It was a great suprise to be caught staring at it one day, and to be invited in. It's an amazing house, and the property line extends all the way to Nostrand, behind the rest of the houses on the block.

    Montrose Morris