Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lost Bedford Stuyvesant Throop Avenue Presbyterian Church

Throop Avenue Presbyterian Church 1906

At the corner of Throop and Willoughby once stood the Throop Avenue Presbyterian Church. This area of the neighborhood was not always known as Bedford Stuyvesant, it was know as the Eastern District. Throop Avenue Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, New York, was organized in 1852.   The
Throop Avenue Presbyterian Church was first reported to the General Assembly of the 
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (Old School) in 1853. In 1945, it received another 
congregation through a merger, and became known as the Throop Memorial Rosedale 
Presbyterian Church, Rosedale, NY.   In 1962, the name was changed to Throop Memorial Church
Rosedale, located in Queens, New York. This is still an active congregation.
 Throop Avenue Presbyterian Church Sunday School 1906
  1889 Fowler and Hough rendering

This beautiful Romanesque Revival building was design by William C. Hough and Halstead Parker Fowler in 1890. Hough and Fowler are also the architects of the 23rd Armory in Crown Heights and the  East 80th Street: Hungarian Baptist Church in Manhattan.
Rev Lewis Ray Foote D.D.

The man who this structure was built for was the Rev. Foote was a Civil War veteran having enlisted in 1865. He was wounded at the Battle of Fair Oaks. After the war, he was ordained into the Presbyterian ministry and in 1873, became Pastor of the Throop Avenue Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, NY. He was a prominent minister in Brooklyn and was Pastor of the Throop Avenue Church for 32 years. A bronze tablet dedicated to his memory is currently hanging in the Throop Memorial Presbyterian Church of Rosedale, Queens, NY. The Rev. Foote married Harriet Amanda Crandell Wilson on June 12, 1873. The Throop Avenue church building is currently the Newman Memorial Methodist Church. 

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